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Onvif Product Protocol JZC-N81...

Onvif Product Protocol JZC-N81820S-Starlight 2.0M 18X Optical Zoom Webcam Camera Module

SONY FCB-EV7520&FCB-CV7520索尼...

213万,1/2.8\" Exmor R CMOS,30倍,1080p@60fps,星光级;超宽动态,2D&3D智能降噪,透雾,防抖;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

SONY FCB-EV7500&FCB-CV7500索尼...

238万,1/2.8\" Exmor CMOS,30倍,1080p@60fps,超宽动态,2D&3D智能降噪,透雾,防抖;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

SONY FCB-EV7320&FCB-CV7320索尼...

213万,1/2.8\" Exmor R CMOS,20倍,1080p@60fps,星光级;2D&3D智能降噪,透雾;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

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Agent rights:

(1) Obtain the right to sell “SafeEye” brand products.
(2) Agents participating in the exhibition will be reimbursed a certain percentage of the booth fee.
(3) The companys business specialists cooperate with agents to actively develop the market.
(4) At the end of the year, agents can get sales rebates and corresponding rewards for completing the corresponding task amount.
(5) Provide special product support for relevant key competitive projects.
(6) According to the cooperation integrity of agents, different degrees of loans will be granted.
(7) Provide agents with professional technical and product training.
(8) Regularly conduct agent exchange meetings, product launches, etc.

Agency conditions:

(1) Approved and registered by the industry and commerce and tax authorities according to law, has a fixed and independent office premises, and has independent legal personality. At the same time, he has good professional quality, good business reputation and brand awareness.
(2) Has many years of experience in the distribution of security products or related industries, and has good customer service capabilities.
(3) Have certain economic strength, sales channels and operating capabilities, understand the national security industry policy, agree with SafeEye business philosophy, have full confidence in the "SafeEye" brand, and have strong product market development capabilities.
(4) Accept the unified marketing concept and guidance of the "SafeEye" brand and be willing to make progress and development together.
(5) Identify and abide by the "SafeEye" brand business philosophy, marketing policies and corresponding dealer management regulations.

(6) Recognize the quality of "SafeEye" brand products and promise to maintain the image of SafeEye technology and its brand

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