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213万,1/2.8\" Exmor R CMOS,30倍,1080p@60fps,星光级;超宽动态,2D&3D智能降噪,透雾,防抖;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

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238万,1/2.8\" Exmor CMOS,30倍,1080p@60fps,超宽动态,2D&3D智能降噪,透雾,防抖;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

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213万,1/2.8\" Exmor R CMOS,20倍,1080p@60fps,星光级;2D&3D智能降噪,透雾;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

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 Security Monitoring Field

            Shenzhen safeeye Technology Co., Ltd. Provides high-definition monitoring solutions for the security monitoring industry.
We use Sony fcb-ev / eh HD camera module, which can not only output high-quality clear pictures for us, but also provide better support for us in different use environments. In addition, we have developed a coding control board for Sony HD movement module, which can be customized and developed to meet your different needs. In addition, we can also provide the front, middle and back-end products of security monitoring industry, which can save you time and improve efficiency!

Sony HD Core Block Has The Following Characteristics:For More Details of Sony HD Module Products, Please See Here

Capture sharp and clear full HD (1080 / 60p) image quality
High performance 1 / 2.8 "Exmor Gamma CMOS imager, even in the low illumination environment, can also achieve the first-class Full HD (1920 × 1080) picture quality. Progressive scanning mode reduces the blur of the picture and makes the picture smoother - it can capture the details of the dynamic image, which is an ideal choice for shooting.

30x / 20x optical zoom lens with fast response and high transmittance
High quality lens has high transmittance, f1.6 maximum aperture, 30 times optical zoom range. At the same time, its fast focusing ability (from wide-angle to far end) can realize the smooth and high-speed conversion of monitoring range from wide-angle area to near details, which is an ideal choice for security and monitoring applications.

Image anti shake function: more stable image quality
The camera component is equipped with an image stabilizer, which can minimize the effect of image blur and shaking caused by low frequency vibration. In the application of outdoor security monitoring and traffic monitoring, the camera may be affected by wind; when installed on the bridge or electric pole, it will face mechanical vibration. At this time, the anti shake function is very useful.

StableZoom Gamma (stable focus)
The combination of image stabilizer, optical and digital zoom function can improve the image quality, at the same time, maintaining the original horizontal viewing angle can ensure that the image size remains unchanged and reduce the blur effect.

2D / 3D noise reduction function
With advanced noise reduction technology, it can filter the noise in the picture, even in low light environment, it can also let users get a clear picture effect. The noise reduction level can be selected from 5 levels to adapt to different operating environments.

Visual enhancement and fog penetration - clearer picture
The picture quality can be enhanced dynamically. In a given dynamic range, the picture will adjust the scene one by one. In addition, they also have the function of penetrating fog, which can take a clearer picture even in the smoky environment.

Wide dynamic range
Wide dynamic range image processing technology enables users to see clear and detailed images in high contrast or backlight environment. Fcb-cv5500 camera component supports 120dB wide dynamic range (HD 720 resolution), making the picture clearer.

The demisting function can be seen clearly and naturally in the misty or hazy scene. When activated, the camera detects the fog level and automatically applies the desired effect. According to user requirements, the level of these effects can be adjusted through the visca command.

HLC (specular compensation)
HLC technology helps to improve the visibility of license plates, for example, when shooting bright headlights in low light conditions. The bright parts of the image are automatically masked and compensated for better visibility.

Automatic ICR (automatic infrared cut-off filter removal)
In low light conditions, the camera automatically switches from day mode to night mode, cancels the infrared cut-off filter to improve the sensitivity of the near dark clear image. The global privacy region masking feature makes it possible to selectively mask the horizon for privacy. The masking area is automatically interlocked with the pan / tilt / Zoom movement of the camera.

Wide range of functions and diverse operations
Through a wide range of functions and adjustments, ensure multi-functional operation, including: white balance mode; picture effect (e-flip, nega art, black and white, mirror, color enhancement); motion detection / alarm; picture freezing; temperature reading; slow AE response; electronic shutter / slow shutter; and title display / camera mode display (in English).

Automatic day night conversion function (automatic infrared filter removal function)
In the low light environment, the camera components automatically switch from day mode to night mode, remove the infrared filter, improve the sensitivity, so as to take a clear picture at night.

Sphere privacy area masking
The user can select an area in the monitoring screen for privacy masking. The obscured area is automatically locked as the camera pan / pitch / zoom.

Optional HD and SD output modes
The output video signal format can be selected from high definition (digital and analog) and standard definition formats. Users do not need to purchase additional analog / digital converters, thus reducing the cost of system integration. In the process of normal live broadcast, the video output mode can be changed directly without restarting the camera hardware.

Note: not all camera components have the above characteristics. Please check the corresponding parameters for details of different products.

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