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Onvif Product Protocol JZC-N81...

Onvif Product Protocol JZC-N81820S-Starlight 2.0M 18X Optical Zoom Webcam Camera Module

SONY FCB-EV7520&FCB-CV7520索尼...

213万,1/2.8\" Exmor R CMOS,30倍,1080p@60fps,星光级;超宽动态,2D&3D智能降噪,透雾,防抖;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

SONY FCB-EV7500&FCB-CV7500索尼...

238万,1/2.8\" Exmor CMOS,30倍,1080p@60fps,超宽动态,2D&3D智能降噪,透雾,防抖;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

SONY FCB-EV7320&FCB-CV7320索尼...

213万,1/2.8\" Exmor R CMOS,20倍,1080p@60fps,星光级;2D&3D智能降噪,透雾;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

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UAV Field Solutions


Drone aerial photography, drone surveying, drone reconnaissance and other applications are also increasing, and more professional fields are beginning to use drones. For example, the application of drone pipeline inspection: drone inspection It can improve the efficiency and speed of line patrol, reduce the labor intensity of line patrol personnels field work, and improve the safety of pipeline operation; effectively solve the adverse factors such as narrow line of sight, long period, and insufficient objectivity of manual line patrol; effectively deal with bad weather, torrents, and debris Provide image information in real time after the disaster occurs; image data can be provided, and regular records and preservation of pipeline patrols can be provided to provide reliable analysis and judgment for decision-making.

At the same time, the requirements for camera equipment carried by drones are also increasing. To this end, Sony has also made many product upgrades, the latest 7 series products provide better CMOS, zoom and focus speed. In addition, it also provides fog-passing and anti-shake functions to make the UAV real-time camera more stable and better.

SafeEye Technology has also developed a more compact HD control board for UAVs to provide better support for UAV HD cameras.

                                        SONY Block                                Encoding control board

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