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Onvif Product Protocol JZC-N81...

Onvif Product Protocol JZC-N81820S-Starlight 2.0M 18X Optical Zoom Webcam Camera Module

SONY FCB-EV7520&FCB-CV7520索尼...

213万,1/2.8\" Exmor R CMOS,30倍,1080p@60fps,星光级;超宽动态,2D&3D智能降噪,透雾,防抖;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

SONY FCB-EV7500&FCB-CV7500索尼...

238万,1/2.8\" Exmor CMOS,30倍,1080p@60fps,超宽动态,2D&3D智能降噪,透雾,防抖;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

SONY FCB-EV7320&FCB-CV7320索尼...

213万,1/2.8\" Exmor R CMOS,20倍,1080p@60fps,星光级;2D&3D智能降噪,透雾;适用于各种球机、一体机、云台产品等;可应用在安防、智能交通、无人驾驶飞行设备、快照亭、警车、弱视仪和视频会议等领域。

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Video conference industry solutions

The EVI video conference series in the Sony digital high-definition series of integrated cameras, and Sonys pan / tilt / zoom (P / T / Z) camera product series are already very rich. No matter what the user needs is standard definition, 720P, 1080i or 1080p, Sony P / T / Z HD camera can easily capture realistic pictures. Brings together Sonys rich experience in the field of high-definition technology, and is equipped with mature low-noise PTZ mechanical devices. Users communicate with people far away in the world, as clear and realistic as a room. (Click here to learn more about Sony Video Conference Machine)

Sony video conference machine products characteristics:
(1) Product application flexibility and video output options from standard definition to full HD
     The EVI-HD series provides multiple formats and is a natural and smooth video image
(2) High-quality image transmission
(3) Wide range, quiet and fast pan / tilt movement
(4) 10x optical zoom (40x after using digital zoom)
(5) RS-232C (Remote Control VISCA ™ Protocol)
(6) 6 preset positions
(7) Through the on-screen menu, the infrared remote control can be used for setting

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